Coming Home

Quiet Man Bridge

Following on my the reason I went to Galway blog and the journey to Galway blog here’s the returning home blog 😉 It was one of the most awful days weather wise – the winds made Storm Rachel look like a breeze. In my wisdom I decided to drive home through Connemara (as only I would!) It was so windy I didn’t even see any sheep…maybe they blew away!

Connemara cottage

I did see the Quiet Man Bridge though, I almost missed it as the lane way was blocked by bins that had blown over and the sign was pointing in the wrong direction. No sign of John Wayne though 😉


Connemara is a very beautiful place but it was very desolate and deserted. I was going to visit Clifden and Kylemore Abbey but the weather was so bad and I was quite tired so I decided to just head to Westport for lunch and to carry on home. I will go back again when the weather is nicer though.


In Westport I went for lunch in a lovely cafe called Sol Rio. The warm welcome made up for the lousy day. I had really nice cappuccino which came served with two mini scones and a chicken salad sandwich served on focaccia bread. What I loved about Sol Rio was that you could choose any filling for your sandwich with any choice of bread – a great idea. They also had hot food available and some fantastic looking cakes came fresh out of the oven – too bad my sandwich filled me up or I would definitely have had one….next time.

Sol Rio


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