Going to Galway


If you read my blog regularly you’ll know I had to go to Galway for a hospital appointment last week. The weather is always a bit dodgy this time of year and my appointment was for 8.30am so I found a cheap B and B and went up the night before. On the way I stopped off at Knock, just to see if there were any photo opportunities. They are doing some kind of work on the church so I just got the photo above.


I also stopped at Tuam. I was hoping to find somewhere to have dinner but it started lashing with rain so after taking a couple of pics I got back in the car and carried on. I’d love to know the story behind the pic above. It looks like a house over a river, very strange.


By the time I got to Galway there was a bit of a gale blowing. I still wanted to have a look around though, I used to spend a lot of time in Galway when my Nan was alive, she lived in centre of the city. So I parked the car close to where she used to live and had a walk.


I love the colourful lights, it’s such a vibrant town even on the dullest of days. Of course me being me I got completely lost!  I asked a man for directions to the Spanish Arch and ended up being escorted down there by him..luckily he wasn’t an axe murderer!

Spanish Arch

After I went to the Spanish Arch I ended up walking round in circles and I couldn’t find the car, this isn’t the first time this has happened!

Into the dark

I ended up wandering around lane ways for about an hour I finally found where I’d parked…phew! By this time I was very windswept and looked like I been dragged through a hedge backwards (no surprise there).

All eyes on me

Luckily the B and B wasn’t too far of a drive. I have to highly recommend it, I’ve paid a lot more before and stayed in a lot worse places.

Amber Heights

Amber Heights was where I stayed it was €28 which is a fantastic price especially for Galway. There were chocolates on the bed and plenty of tea bags (Barry’s Tea no less). There were also biscuits and a great coffee machine in the dining room where you could help yourself to as much tea or coffee as you liked. The only downside was that the walls were very thin and I could hear the man next-door snoring..not that I was sleeping much anyway. I’d definitely go back there again though.

I’ll do another post about my trip back tomorrow….bet you can’t wait 😉

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