Skating and Squirrels

Lough GillThis morning started off very icy. It was so bad that when I ‘walked’ Rocket-dog we ended up re-enacting Ravel’s Bolero. I did such a great triple salco I’m thinking of embellishing my reflective jacket with sequins so I can really look the part! I think the village people will love it. (Village people as in the people who live in the village, not the five fellas in dodgy outfits who sing Y.M.C.A).

Holy Well

I had to bring Lucy in to town because she got invited to a brilliant beauty and style day today. You can read all about her day here and how she thinks she has an arse like Nicki Minaj (she doesn’t). Anyway I was at a bit of a loose end so I went off for a wander. I started at Lough Gill followed by the Holy Well.

IMG_5316 IMG_5328 IMG_5320

Next stop was Dooney Rock. This time last year I saw a red squirrel but he moved so quickly I only got very bad blurry photos by the time I put my long lens on. Today I made sure I had the camera ready to go – good thinking because as soon as I got out of the car there was a red squirrel. He/she seemed happy enough to pose for photos. I was going to register him on the National Biodiversity Data Centre but you’d need a degree to fill the form out, if anyone can explain it to me that’d be great.


I was also surrounded by lots of different birds. In my head I was Snow White….minus the seven dwarfs!

Snow White

I climbed up to the top of Dooney Rock with all my little animal friends following me 😉 and took in the beautiful view. Benbulben is still wearing his white robe and looking very majestic.


There really is a fantastic view from the top of the rock…well worth the climb up the 300 steep steps (I might be adding a few extra steps on just for the hell of it 😉 )

Benbulben and Beezies

I didn’t hang around for too long and I was starting to get frostbite in my hands (which kind of hinders the photography). It was a lovely way to spend a day though.

Holly in the sunshine

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  1. This particular blog takes the biscuit (Rocket Dog welcome to it). Snow White indeed with all the woodland creatures, including scurrying red squirrel. Mr. Nature Learn and Molly will appreciate all your photos (beats the dead dolphin and bird they saw over the weekend!).

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