Storms and shoplifting

Stormy Mullaghmore

Today I went storm chasing as we were promised 40 foot waves, although to be honest I wouldn’t have gone anywhere near the sea if it had been that bad. I value my safety and my camera too much. It was quite windy though and while I was waiting for the kids to finish in town I had a drive around, although the light wasn’t the best.

Rosses PointAnyway enough about storms on to shoplifting. I have a confession to make…I accidentally took something from a supermarket the other day, there is a story to it:

I was in a local supermarket, I didn’t bring a trolley or a basket with me because I only wanted two things…but you know how it is you see all kinds of random special offers that you just have to buy, just in case you might need them. So I ended up with arm fulls of shopping and I still needed to get toilet rolls!

As I bent down for the loo rolls I dropped half my shopping on the floor. I had quite high-heeled boots on so I struggled to gather everything up and my knees aren’t the best so I had to drag myself up by the shelves. When I finally stood up didn’t I drop the whole bloody lot of shopping again! So back down to the floor I went and picked it all up again….I was thinking at this time that I should really have been born an octopus or at least have gone in with a trolley. I decided that the best thing to do was put something in my pocket so I put the cream in there.

Of course with my old age my memory is going along with my knees so by the time I’d got to the till I’d forgotten about the bloody cream! So I paid for my shopping, drove home and when I took my coat off I wondered what was weighing down my pocket….oh dear.

So today I went back to the supermarket and confessed my sins and paid for the cream, the girl on the till was laughing at me and said I was very honest, I tell ya the guilt was eating me up! Next time I’m definitely bringing a trolley.

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  1. I used to live in Cliffoney on a house that backed onto the beach (well, the common ground by it to be nit-picky :D). It was scary and spectacular all at once to go down to the beach in December during any weather. I don’t miss much about the area, but I do miss that.

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