Dublin at Christmas

Christmas fun

On Sunday we went up to Dublin for the day for the Christmas market and the Geansai Nollag World Record Attempt. For those of you not in the know a Geansai Nollag is a Christmas jumper 😉


It was a quite eventful trip, three old ladies opposite us on the train almost had a punch up, not that I was listening but Lucy had borrowed my headphones and decided not to put them back – and they were talking so loudly I couldn’t help but hear them!


When we first arrived in Dublin we had a quick look around Temple Bar.

Ha'penny Bridge

I love the Ha-penny Bridge and also love Temple Bar. There are some really cool shops there. We found one shop that sold all kinds of weird and wonderful things so Lucy did some Christmas shopping…for herself!

Carol singers

We headed to St. Stephen’s Green for the market. When we arrived there was quite a long queue to get in but we were entertained by the lovely carol singers who were collecting money for Spinal Injuries Ireland. The queue moved fairly quickly but we seemed to be stuck in single file all the way through the market.


There were barriers up either side of the stalls so once you were in the market you just had to shuffle along with the rest of the people. To be honest it was very disappointing, most of the stalls were selling food and there was an awful smell of burnt, smokey food in the air. There wasn’t any atmosphere and not many craft stalls either, some of the stalls weren’t even open. Maybe I’m spoilt because the markets in Sligo are so good but I wouldn’t go to Dublin again for the Christmas market.


So after that it was on to the Geansai Nollag which I just loved! It was free to join in although you could give donations to Make a Wish. It didn’t even matter if you didn’t have a festive jumper as there was a stall where you could decorate your own with glitter, baubles and all kinds of things. I had a Tesco boys Christmas jumper (because I wasn’t going to pay loads for something I’d only wear for a short time), there was that awkward moment when I saw an 8-year-old boy wearing the same jumper as me!


I would certainly go to this again next year (not the market though). I loved the music and entertainment and felt very Christmassy just looking at everyone in their jumpers. I’m happy to say they broke the world record too, so a huge well done to everyone involved and all the organisers for a lovely afternoon. The rest of my photos are here.

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