Santa at the Riverside

I went along to the Riverside Hotel today to see their Christmas market. I also got to see Santa and Mrs. Claus. The highlight for me was getting kissed by this alpaca! It came marching over to me and kissed me on the nose! Such a lovely, friendly animal. There were a lot of other... Continue Reading →

A Day in Dublin in December

Last weekend Jono and I went to Dublin for the day. Unfortunately we picked one of the worst  days to go due to Storm Desmond. It wasn't too bad when we left on the train and Dublin was fine but there's a story about the way back (of course there is!) Anyway Jono had a... Continue Reading →

Dublin at Christmas

On Sunday we went up to Dublin for the day for the Christmas market and the Geansai Nollag World Record Attempt. For those of you not in the know a Geansai Nollag is a Christmas jumper 😉 It was a quite eventful trip, three old ladies opposite us on the train almost had a punch... Continue Reading →

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