Seasons End

Markree Castle

Well the clocks have gone back and the dark evenings are here and I’m feeling a bit ‘meh’. I’m sure it will pass in time because I miss my usual cheerful self. On the positive side I haven’t had to change the clock back in my car because I didn’t put it forward in the Spring! Talking of cars someone drove into mine while it was parked over the weekend and left a nice little dent in it for me….very kind of them.


My exhibition is now over so I went in to Angelworld today to move everything out. They have been so good to me letting me have the exhibition in their beautiful shop. It was also great to be able to sell cards in aid of Sligo Animal Rescue. The only thing now is that I have quite a few framed photos and canvas prints left over that I really need to sell to pay myself back for the frames. So if you know of anyone that’s interested just drop me an email (magnumlady@eircom.net).


I’ll stop writing now because I’m depressing myself! Hopefully I’ll be back to normal (whatever that is) soon.


3 thoughts on “Seasons End”

    1. I hope so…Lately I’ve been feeling the same way as Val is feeling. Which is strange for me, because autumn has always been my favourite time of year.

  1. The clocks just turned back this week ~ many need a couple of weeks to get reoriented. You will be fine and out and about taking your wonderful pictures Val. Our clocks go back this weekend and folks here seem to forget how to drive home from work the first two weeks of this change….year after year. Have a good cuppa tea and look out to the ocean, breathe and enjoy.

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