Kidding around at Beltra Country Market

IMG_3446I had a great morning yesterday at Beltra Country Market. Paul, who is a goat farmer or as he calls himself ‘The Goat Man’ came along with two lovely goats and told us all about them. I was very lucky as I got to have a try at milking one…I was useless it has to be said and Paul got most of the milk in his shoe!

IMG_3472Apologies to any goat experts out there because I got told off on Facebook for sitting the wrong side of the goat and not milking it with my two hands. In my defense I did what I was told to do…me not being a country person. Thanks to Maura for taking the photo!

IMG_3494After I took about ten minutes to get an inch of milk Paul showed us all how it was done and got a jug full in about two minutes!

IMG_3503The goats were very well-behaved and real sweethearts. I’d love a goat but I think it’d probably eat everything I’m trying to grow. These ladies were eating nettles, brambles, holly…the lot! Great if you needed to clear a field though.

IMG_3457When the goats were milked Maura showed us how to makes goats cheese, it seems quite easy…although in reality I’d probably make a bodge of it, it’s not something you can ‘bung in a blender’.

IMG_3516In true Blue Peter style Maura had some she’d made earlier so we all got to try some, it was lovely. What surprised me most was how nice goats milk was, I’d never tried it before and got some to bring home, I thought it was going to taste bitter but it’s not like that at all. Paul was telling me it’s much better for you as it only takes around 20 minutes to digest as opposed to over 3 hours it takes to digest cows milk.


It was a really great morning at the market and I look forward to their next event šŸ™‚

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