Open your heart to a rescue animal

Rocket-dog I love animals, all kinds of animals. We always had cats in the house and when I was kid we had dogs. Four years ago Lucy asked for a dog, I have to admit I didn’t want one, I knew who would be the one walking it and left looking after it. She kept on and on and on though and eventually wore us down. Rocket-dog Arthur Biscuit was a rescue dog looking for a home, he’d been abused and looked sad….we had to bring him home. All those weeks I’d spent thinking of how much work a dog would be, in reality he has paid us back 100 times over. We now have five in the family, not four. He never complains and always brings a smile to my face. Adopting Rocket-dog was one of the best things I’ve ever done and I don’t know how my life was complete before he came into our home. The point of this post? To all of you out there considering a pet, please consider a rescue animal, there are so many that need good homes and you won’t regret it. Most rescue animals have lived in foster homes so they will be able to tell you about the animal and what sort of family they would be suitable for.


Last week I went to photograph the most beautiful puppies that are in the care of Sligo Animal Rescue at the moment. They are only four weeks old so not ready to leave their mum yet but they can be booked. If the thought of a puppy puts you off there are also various older dogs and cats needing homes (including Lucy the mother of the puppies). Lucy was surrendered to Sligo animal rescue and they weren’t told she was pregnant so her four male puppies were born in kennels.

Lucy and her puppiesLucy is only a young dog herself and she’s a real beauty. If you like to find out more about Lucy, her puppies or any of the animals in the care of Sligo Animal Rescue you can contact them here.

LucyIf you aren’t in a position to adopt an animal there are other ways you can help and there’s a fundraising day on Sunday at the Valet Depot in Sligo.


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  1. What a lovely post. Our cats were both rescue cats and I regularly donate to charities such as dogs trust, cats protection, RSPCA, we would both like a dog but don’t feel it would be fair as we both work so the donations will have to be enough, for now. X

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