Good Friday in Sligo

Rosses Point SunsetI was hanging around Sligo yesterday evening as I tend to do now and again usually waiting for one or the other offspring. It was a beautiful evening to I decided to go for a bit of a spin, plus I was looking for somewhere to have dinner…not the easiest thing as the pubs were closed as were some of the restaurants due to it being Good Friday and them not being allowed to serve alcohol.

'for peace comes dropping slow'Anyway I headed to Rosses Point where these three photos were taken, all are just as they were…no adjustments made.

Rosses reflectionsBefore the trip to Rosses Point I first went to Strandhill and Lissadell. I was hoping to get some nice sunset photos but I was too early.

Strandhill Strandhill was packed and as usual there were a few surfers. The photo above is actually colour although it doesn’t look like it.

LissadellNow to Lissadell, a really lovely quiet beach. It has woodland nearby it and there was a lot of wild garlic growing, I managed to catch a bee hard at work.

Bee in wild garlic After the driving around I headed back into town and drove down by the Quay Street car park where I got the shot below. I had to lean the camera on a pole because I don’t have a tripod (well I do but it has a screw loose, a bit like myself 😉 ).

Sligo night

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