Divas for DVAS

1470085_774018635958309_666749653_nAt the end of November I went along to Divas for DVAS at The Model, Sligo. It was a brilliant night in aid of the Domestic Advocacy Service, North West. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling very well on the night and my photos reflect this as I’m not happy with them but I want to do a blog post to highlight the wonderful work DVAS do and hopefully raise some awareness.

Karen Spellman was DJ for the evening and she did a brilliant job, if I wasn’t sniffing and coughing I’m sure I’d have been dancing.

1456625_774019339291572_1326365168_nKate Winter was the hostess for the evening and she was brilliant. Very funny and entertaining and she reminds me of a young Kylie Minogue (I’m not jealous at all!!)

The musical line up was brilliant. This year’s divas included Aileen Concannon with Eoin Troy.  Claudia Schwab, who can yodel and play the fiddle at the same time and who has a Fund It campaign for her album running at the moment.

1452476_774018832624956_1527662644_nMargo Barrow (pictured above). YouTube sensations, Sarah Crummy & Deirdre Farrell, Margaret Kilcoyne with Nigel Robinson and Mark Conway.

1477415_774019495958223_782434157_nCathy Jordan was there along with her fabulously talented nieces. There is so much talent in one family. They did a brilliant version of Royals by Lorde accompanied by Cathy playing the bodhrán. Cathy said every pop song should feature a bodhrán…I think she’s right 😉

Sarah Middleton’s Beat It Dance School did a brilliant flashmob in the interval.

All in all it was a brilliant night. Well done to everyone who took part. I hope DVAS got some much-needed funding. I was shocked to hear that people who are in abusive relationships don’t get any help with rent or accommodation if they have their name on a mortgage but have to move out of home due to domestic problems. DVAS now have two safe houses in Sligo which have 100% occupancy most of the time. Well done to them for all their hard work.

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Photographer, blogger, hooked on social media. Based in Sligo, Ireland. Passionate about Ireland and always looking for the next adventure.

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