Sligo Science Fair

IMG_4276The Science Fair took place in the IT Sligo today.  It was fairly quiet when we were there and I hope more people arrived later on. It seemed to be very poorly advertised, usually there is a timetable of the day on the IT Sligo website and in the local newspapers this year there was only a brief mention of today although the rest of the events during the week got more of a mention.

IMG_4224The dancing looked like great fun and we got to some science experiments. We also got to see Alaska the bald eagle from Eagles Flying.

IMG_4244The Sligo Leitrim Mountain Rescue team were demonstrating how they would get a casualty down from the mountain, the little boy was very happy to act injured.

IMG_4164The Army bomb disposal unit where there showing people how they do their job. I still get worried when I see soldiers with guns, I’m always worried I’m going to trip up and land on one of them.

IMG_4196We got to see Michael and Molly from Nature Learn with this whale rib!

IMG_4210Nature Learn call out to schools and teach the children all about wildlife and all things nature. Michael is passionate about his profession and it is wonderful to hear him talk.

IMG_4279We had a lovely day and I’m looking forward to the birdwatching taking place on Wednesday at 1pm meeting at the fish in the grounds of the IT Sligo.

IMG_4298The rest of my photos are here.


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  1. According to your photos this must have been a worthwhile event. I also hope that there where more visitors at a later time.
    The eagle is impressive. I especially like the close-up. 🙂

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