The Convent

The conventA couple of weeks ago I posted a blog called ‘If these walls could talk’.  This blog is an update.  Myself and Sarah from Derelict Nation went back to have another look. It was a convent at one time and in more recent years a nursing home, it’s called Lough Glynn in Co. Roscommon.

The flowers still bloom I can’t begin to tell you how I felt when I saw this place, there were so many emotions.  It’s a beautiful building and there were plans to turn it into a hotel which I think would be wonderful, sadly though these plans were 10 years ago and it’s been left since then.  I suppose like many properties the boom finished and dreams are shattered.

BedThere are many outbuildings including cottages, farm buildings and what looks like an old schoolhouse.  The house is located right beside a lake, the grounds are blooming with flowers and blue damselflies dart around them.

Blue damselflyUnderneath the archesI hope someone restores this house to its former glory.

The yellow glovesThe corridorThe kitchen The stables

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  1. Very emotionally moving upon seeing these photographs. I’ve just finished reading the incredibly moving book by Sebastian Barry, entitled ‘The Secret Scripture,’ and now, seeing these photographs, they match how I imagined/envisioned the institution described in the book might’ve looked like, inside and out, while reading…

    Thank you, Val and Sarah, for sharing. Abandoned and derelect buildings always leave me feeling all sorts of different emotions…

  2. That was one of the best books I’ve read in a very long time. I’d read lots of rave reviews about it, and of Barry as an author in general, but kept making a mental note to read it ‘one of these days.’ Then, right next to my market stall at the Manorhamilton farmers’ market a couple of Fridays ago, there was a table filled with mostly Irish fiction – amongst them was ‘The Secret Scripture’! For the princely sum of 50 cents! Love when that happens! Not to give away any spoilers of course, but did you see that ending coming? I definitely didn’t. Very, very moving, and a story so beautifully told.

  3. Great photos Val, would love to do a paranormal investigation there. I really love the picture of the gloves in the kitchen, it personalises the whole thing. Thank you for sharing x

  4. Hi Val, Thanks for posting the pics on the old convent. Some great photos there on dereliction. Can you let me know where about is this convent and how to get there as would like to go there sometime as well to take some photos of this historic old building.

  5. I’m always so fascinated by the amount of derelict/large buildings around Ireland. I’d love to see a map with how many old convents/industrial schools/castles/churches/hotels there are lying vacant as dots on a map, but that would probably be incredibly difficult. Really enjoyed these photos though.

  6. Stunning shots. My siblings, cousins and I spent hours exploring this old building each summer when we visited our family in Loughlynn, Ballyglass East and Castlerea. It’s a stunning building with so many hidden jems. Anyone looking to restore it would need deep pockets but it would be amazing to see it done.

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