Rants and limps

Rocket-dogFirstly a photo of Rocket-dog meeting our new neighbour, not a great photo as it was a ‘brief encounter’. Now other things to tell you.

I have a couple of rants the first was a couple of weeks ago Lucy went with her friends to Dublin on the train. One of them wanted hot water so they asked the man with the catering trolley….he charged them €2.50!! I think that’s a joke considering tea is €2.15 and you get sugar and milk with that! I asked Irish Rail on twitter and was asked to send an email which I did…guess what? No reply. Now I can understand a bit of a charge for the cup but €2.50 is crazy.

Another rant, today I went to the car boot sale in Carrick-on-Shannon and saw a mobile phone for sale so I asked how much it was and the guy proceeded to tell Lucy all the details on it…because he said I ‘wouldn’t understand technology’…cheeky git! Needless to say he didn’t make a sale!

Now onto limps. I’ve had a bad leg for about a month, I was going around Markree as part of the hidden histories project which I’ll post more about in the near future. I was looking for the old workers village and had to climb a gate, I didn’t realise there was a big pothole the other side of the gate and landed badly so I’ve done something to my ankle. It’s not too bad but I’m limping a bit so I’m going to the doctor tomorrow just to get it checked out, I should really have got it seen to before now but I was hoping it might sort itself out.

Right I’ve finished complaining for now 🙂


6 thoughts on “Rants and limps

  1. June says:

    Ahhhh….sorry to hear you’ve not had the greatest of times these past few weeks. I think there’s some sort of ‘negative energy’ floating around, because, with the exception of yesterday at the Strandhill Show (where I was selling my plaques and had a brilliant time there – a huge thank you to the organiser, Maura Gilligan and all the volunteers!), it’s not been the best of weeks for me, either.

    As for Irish Rail, yeah, I know they do charge an arm and a leg for not just the actual train ticket. We take the bus now, and not only is it a lot cheaper (especially if you go mid-week), and they stop in Longford (if you’re taking the 22) for a ten-minute coffee and loo break, but the journey time is only a half hour longer than going by train. I do enjoy train journeys, but it’s become so expensive to get to Dublin via Iarnrod Eirann that we just opt for the bus instead.

    Things are starting to look up and just feel better, so I’m hoping that good energy is reaching over to you as well, Val.

    You’re doing the right thing by going to the doctor for your leg. Especially as you’ve been experiencing pain for more than a couple of weeks, it’s better to get it checked, to put your mind at ease. A homeopath or a naturopath might be worth checking out, too. There’s a very good one (I’ve heard from a friend of a friend) in Strandhill.

    Hope you feel better soon, Val.

    • magnumlady says:

      Thanks June. Oh you made it to the Strandhill Show, brilliant 🙂

      I went to the doctor and I’ve got a problem with my achilles tendon, not helped by the fact I walk so much.

  2. Tish says:

    You are right to rant! Here is mine, sort of the other way. My Mother is a feisty 87 years old. Whenever I take her out to a shop for instance, the sales clerk will have a question for her, but ask me. “Does she want a different color in that?” they will ask me. She is standing right there! She looks fifteen years younger! I usually just smile sweetly and say, “Why don’t you ask her?”. First time it happened was Ireland, but it happens here in the US too. I hope you have a better week!

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