Saturday in Boyle

IMG_1453Firstly Happy Mother’s Day to anyone celebrating it today. We had ours in March although I may bake a cake later….just because 😉 The photo above is fitting for the day that’s in it. I was up bright and early to take Jono to the railway station yesterday as he was going to Dublin so Rocket-dog and myself headed to Boyle for an explore.

Lough ArrowDSCF8178On the way we stopped off at the Lough Arrow viewing area. The photos aren’t great because the weather was lousy but it’s a chance to go back another day.

DSCF8188Lough Key Forest Park was lovely to walk around (even with the showers). We saw a rabbit but it moved to quick to get a photo.

DSCF8201After the forest park we headed to the Farmer’s Market in Boyle.

Farmers marketI felt very sorry for the stall holders as it was such a cold, miserable day. I was delighted to meet June though who is a regular visitor to my blog and makes these wonderful plaques.

DSCF8226-003 IMG_1475-001My photos don’t do them justice. June has much better pics on her site. She also does commissions so if you are looking for a special gift for someone this would be just the job.

Rocket-dog at King HouseRocket-dog was very impressed with the market, especially as two people recognised him! He also liked the look of King House. The rest of the photos from our morning in Boyle are here.


13 thoughts on “Saturday in Boyle

  1. June says:

    It was so lovely to meet you and chat with you on Saturday, Val. What with the truly horrible and crazy weather we experienced at the market, you and Rocket-dog cheered me up considerably. And then right after you left, another blogger friend of mine, the lovely Bridget (check out her wonderful fromacountrycottage blog), came round for a visit and a chat. I considered my day brightened, thanks to you, Bridget and Rocket-dog. I look forward to seeing you again – and tnext time, in better weather and for a longer chat.

    Thanks so much, too, for giving me and my plaques some free advertisement – I’m chuffed that you like them. I truly love making them – it delights me no end when people come back to me months or even years later to tell me that the plaques are hanging in their kitchen or their/their friend’s or neighbour’s home.

    Your other photos in and around Boyle were of course and as usual, beautiful – rain or no rain. Lough Key Forest Park is a wonderland, and it’s a gift to have something so beautiful and ‘hobbit-y’ so close by. Whenever we go there, I expect Frodo or Sam or Pippin to one of the Ents to come out and greet me, lol.

    And that mother-and-child statue is lovely and touching, very fitting indeed for those celebrating Mother’s Day yesterday. So…did you bake that cake? 🙂

      • June says:

        Yep – I agree with you, Val. In my book, brownies definitely count as cake, too.
        Much as I love cake, it’d be brownies as first choice if the two were calling out to me. I look forward to our next meet-up – be in Boyle at the market or wherever – fingers crossed the weather is better than it was on Saturday. Yeesh! What a day!

  2. Susan Kane says:

    Wonderful street fair! I wish June took overseas orders!!

    I am loving your blogs. Makes me feel a little like we are still in 1985 and living in Cork. Susan

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