Hazelwood in the rain

DSCF8144I had about twenty minutes to kill today and even though it was pouring with rain I headed to Hazelwood. I’m delighted I did because the bluebells are finally out.

Misty lakeThe lake was very misty but had a magical feeling about it.

DSCF8121I know the feathers above are from the swans but I always think white feathers are a sign of angels 🙂


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  1. Such beautiful, thoughtful, evocative photographs, Val. Have you ever considered – seriously considered – getting them framed and selling them at art/craft fairs, galleries or the tourist board? Or taking the best twelve (which to me would be next to impossible – as they’re all so stunningly beautiful) for a calendar?

    1. I did sell some in aid of Sligo animal rescue June but by the time I’d got them printed and bought folders I didn’t really make much. It’s very difficult to sell photographs. I tried to sell a couple of spare ones on the blog facebook page but no one wanted them.

      1. I hear you on that, Val. Printers can be so expensive, I know from experience. I’v used Vista Print, but they can be on the expensive side, as can CafePress, although both those places do have special sales and discounts from time to time. There’s also Zazzle, but I think they’re probably the most expensive of all. Did you go to a local printer for the ones you did for Sligo Animal Rescue? I’ll send you some emails I recently got from Cafe Press and Vista – maybe they’re less expensive than what you paid…your photographs are too beautiful to not be seen by more people, Val.

      2. I was using photobox because I like the quality but I paid the printing costs myself so I could donate the proceeds to the animal rescue.

  2. The photograph of the lake is quite stunning. I specifically wonder at the indistinct horizon, faint definition of the isle/mountain/landmass in the distance, and lines of symmetry created by the swans and greenery.

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