There is such a thing as a free lunch!

StreetcartStreetcart a great restaurant in Sligo were running a competition on Facebook for a free lunch. All you had to do is like and share their page. I did…and I won!

StreetcartI’ve been in there a good few times before although I never know what to order. The staff are great though and talk you through all the fillings so you can see what you’d like. Today I had a Chimichurri (an Argentinean sandwich), it was fab. It had mayo, beef, sautéed onions and the chimichurri sauce all in a baguette, it was so filling. The best thing is you can see it being prepared in front of you.

DSCF5467-001 IMG_9210The staff are really friendly and the food is fantastic. I have to go back again soon because the kids want to try their nachos which are fantastic too. Streetcart serve gourmet street food they serve Gourmet Burritos, Banh Mi (Hot Vietnamese -French Sandwiches), Nachos and much more. They also serve soup, cakes and coffee.

DSCF5468Thanks so much to them for the lunch. I’ll be in again soon 🙂 Oh and they are giving away a free lunch everyday this week so head on over to their page, it could be you.



3 thoughts on “There is such a thing as a free lunch!

  1. june says:

    Woo-hoo! And can we hear a big ‘yaaaay!’ as well! Congrats on your winnning a free lunch, Val! The food all looks fanastic, as do their prices. Very reasonable. I’ve never been there – has it been open long? It’s on Teeling Street, right? What shops are near it (I’m uselss with directions, unless I have ‘landmarks’, lol).

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