Such a perfect day

Misty KnocknareaThere was no art class yesterday so I had a rare day of nothing to do. I decided to go off exploring. First I walked up Knocknarea which is a mountain near Strandhill in Sligo. It was a very misty morning but it added to the atmosphere.

Queen MaeveI said good morning to Queen Maeve who is said to be buried in this cairn at the top of Knocknarea.

StrandhillAfter the mountain walk I headed to Strandhill where the weather looked completely different even though it’s only five minutes down the road! I was quite cold so what could be nicer than a visit to Voya for a seaweed bath.

Seaweed bathIf you’ve never tried a seaweed bath before I can really recommend it. It makes your skin so soft and it’s very relaxing.

Killaspugbrone Church

After the bath I decided to head off exploring again. I’d always wanted to go to Killaspubrone Church. It’s rumoured that St. Patrick visited here…so if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me 🙂

A face in a church

Celtic CrossIt was so peaceful walking around the church. I would have spent longer but my stomach started rumbling so it was time to head to Shells Cafe.The plane and the lighthouse To get to and from the church you have to walk across the end of the Sligo Airport runway. Although there aren’t many flights leaving from there now I timed it just right to get the shot above. This is Usher Aviation Flight Academy they teach people how to fly…how cool would that be!

Cheese meltSo that was my perfect day 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be able to do it all again soon. The rest of the photos are here.

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  1. Yep – that’d be pretty much my idea of a perfect day too, Val. I’ve always wanted to go to the Voya seaweed bath spa, but never have. I think you’ve just inspired me to, though.

    And ahhhh yes…of course no time in Strandhill is complete or perfect without a stop into Shells for a bite to eat.

    Remember last time you’d told us about another trip to Strandhill, and Caca Milis was closed? Please tell me it’s still there, and still open, and hasn’t closed up shop. Such a wonderful little bakery Christophe has there.

    You’ve taken some great photos of your perfect day, as well. Thanks for sharing them with us.

      1. Oh no! Let’s just hope that Christophe is just away on holiday for the winter months, and will return to Strandhill come summer.

  2. Oh! I wanted to tell you about a wonderful night we had this past Tuesday – if you have a free evening this week, please treat yourself and your family to the wonderful and brilliant ‘Fiddler On the Roof’ that is being presented by the Sligo Musical Society at the Hawks Well Theatre this week.

    This past Tuesday was a very special anniversary for me, and my hubby took me out for the evening – first to Hargadon’s for dinner (wonderful, amazing food and place, as you know yourself), then onto Shoot the Crows (my favourite pub in all of Sligo…with Hargadon’s a very, very, very close second – except that it’s more of a dining pub than a drinking only pub), and then, onto the Hawks Well for ‘Fiddler.’

    Brilliant and wonderful just don’t come close enough to how fantastic this performance was, how amazing the cast were (especially the actor, Paul Maitland, who played Tevye absolutely brilliantly – a very difficult role to pull off, but he was fantastic), the singing, the dancing, the acting, the sets, the musicians. EVERYTHING was fantastic about this performance, and this cast.

    I’m pretty sure the last show is this Saturday – not sure if there’s a matinee in addition to an evening performance, though – if you and your family aren’t doing anything this week or this Saturday and are looking for something wonderful for the whole family, do treat yourself to ‘Fiddler on the Roof.’ We were so blown away by how good it was, that we’re seriously considering going to see it again on Saturday (if there are any tickets left, that is).

    1. Happy anniversary! It sounds like a wonderful night. I was trying to win tickets to Fiddler on the Roof but didn’t win. Can’t afford to buy them at the moment. My seaweed bath was a present 🙂

  3. Another lovely birthday prezzie for you, then. Thanks for the good wishes, too. It was a wonderful night, yes.

    I was in Sligo town with a friend on Monday and heard a couple of people talking about winning tickets to it, via Northwest Radio, I think? Maybe ‘Fiddler’ will make the rounds (it’s such a beloved musical for decades now) and return – along with Christophe and Caca Milis – in the summer or later in the year.

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