PaintingWell I finished the painting today….it’s not the best but it is my first attempt at painting anything and I’ve only had a few lessons (that’s my excuse). You wanted to see it so here it is. It was meant to look like this:

Horse in the mist

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  1. And you honestly don’t think this painting is a worthy and excellent first-time-ever-painting?! C’mon Val! Look again – it’s lovely!

    I love the whole dream-like quality to it, first of all. A very mystical, misty morning kind of feel to it. I love the shading and varying degrees of muted greens, too. And you’ve captured the perspective really well, too. I’m seeing the horse standing on top of the fairy fort (that’s what I see it as) looking down below him (or her) looking at the valley. I also love the tree branches off to the right.

    You’ve done everything ‘right’ in this painting, Val – and anyway, there is no such thing as ‘right’ or a ‘wrong’ way to paint something. As are all or most of us, especially when it comes to creative expression, we tend to be our own worst critic.

    Go on, girl – get it framed! Especially as it’s your very first painting (and a wonderful painting, in its own right). Well done, you!

      1. Ahhh…that’s more like it. And so you should be pleased with it. Well pleased. Especially as it’s your very first attempt. Frances is right – if this is what your first attempt looks like, you are definitely a natural.

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