Feng Shui

Out at seaI was delighted when a friend of mine asked if she could use some of my photos for a Feng Shui book she was writing. The book is now available on Amazon for the kindle, you can find it here. 

‘Feng shui and how it simply enhances your life’ is a light, bright introduction to the practice of feng shui.

It assumes you are a feng shui novice, but even if you are not you may find some new perspective that raises your awareness of the beauty and power of a body of wisdom that has been assembled over centuries.

Starting with the basic building blocks of feng shui, the book takes you through the process of identifying the different energetic qualities in an environment, stopping to examine the feng shui mood in parts of the authors own home and gently guiding you back to focus on your own life and experiences.

The book can be enjoyed as a simple introduction to feng shui for interior design, or it can be employed as part of an overall strategy to organise and improve many aspects of your life from your health to your relationships to your career.

An empowering read!

Best of luck to Sarah with her book.

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