Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh

Erneside roofWe took a trip to Enniskillen today to check out the sales. I have to admit these photos are from our trip last month….the weather was nicer.

ButtermarketThere are some lovely shops in Enniskillen, lots of charity shops (about 7 at the last count). In the Buttermarket there are 16 Studios, Galleries, Shops and Coffee Shop, if you are looking for something unique this is the place.

Phone box and potteryI didn’t buy too much today but I got a Regatta jacket for £5….reduced from £50 (and it’s waterproof…hopefully). I also got some waterproof walking shoes for £15 reduced from £70 so I’m delighted. We also got some bargains in Asda including a box of biscuits for 25p and also Matchmakers for 25p…like we needed any sweet things 😉

MemorialIn memory of the bombingI got to look at the memorial. It’s sad to think of the people who lost their lives both in the wars and also the Remembrance Day bombing in 1987.

In memory


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