Strandhill in January

Walking on the beach

Today was a lovely mild day in Sligo. It really doesn’t feel like January at all! Long may it last. We headed to Strandhill for a walk, a few other people had the same idea.

Brent Geese

It was great to see Brent Geese flying along, they didn’t seem bothered by the surfers or the people.

On the beach

Above is looking towards Rosses Point. You might just be able to see the lighthouse on the left of the photo.


I was fascinated watching the surfers. I was wondering if it could be a new challenge for me…..but I’m scared of the waves….and the wetsuit…so I’ll think about it 😉

Fish and Chips

After the fresh air we’d worked up an appetite so we headed into Shells for lunch. It was lovely. We think it was the nicest fish and chips we’ve ever had 🙂


The BLT was fab too. There’s a great atmosphere in Shells and the food is fantastic. So that was today in Sligo, I wonder what tomorrow will bring 🙂



9 thoughts on “Strandhill in January

  1. june says:

    Oh! Shells! The wonderful, amazing, brilliant and absolutely delicious Shells Cafe! I love going to Strandhill whenever we get a chance to, and of course, whenever we are there, we go into Shells for lunch (have you ever had any of their desserts? oh…my…stars!!!), and sometimes, even after having gone there, we’ll stop into the wonderful Caca Milis bakery (owned by the very cool and lovely Christophe), or to the ice cream shop (Maple Moose, I think it’s now called, right? It used to be Neptune’s), and, if we’re staying longer and it’s getting a bit later in the day/early evening, we’ll call into the beautiful Strand pub – one of my very favourite pubs in all of Ireland (right up there with Against the Grain in Dublin and the brilliant Hargadon’s in Sligo town).

    Do you have their cookbook, by the way? I think it’s called ‘The Surf Club Cookbook’, if memory serves. I don’t have it … yet…but it’s on my cookbook wish list (I collect cookbooks).

    Beautiful photos, Val. And I don’t just mean the ones of the fish and chips and BLT, lol. I too have always wanted to try surfing. Strandhill would be the perfect place to learn. But yeah…the wetsuit thing..and me needing to lose a few pounds…that kinda makes me a wee bit hesitant, lol.

    Thanks for this, Val. I have to get back to the beautiful Strandhill and to Shells, sooner rather than later.

    • magnumlady says:

      Hi June,

      I have the cookbook, I won it 🙂 Although I bought one as well at the launch night so I gave one to a friend. It’s a great read although I have to admit I haven’t made anything from it yet. I love The Strand pub too, the food there is fab. Caca Milis used to be in town so I went into there, it wasn’t open the other day. Maple Moose is great too. We are very lucky in Sligo 🙂

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