The Enniskillen Model Railway Exhibition

As well as the wonderful traction engines in Enniskillen yesterday there was also a brilliant model railway exhibition. Is amazing the amount of work people put into their layouts. The train above is a 16mm so that’s the biggest one that was there, they are usually kept in gardens, imagine having one of those going around your garden! Mind you if it was in our one it would sink because it’s more like a swamp!

There were also OO gauge, HO gauge and N gauge set ups at the exhibition. Everyone there was very friendly and we got to vote for our favourite layout….which was really difficult as there were so many great ones there.

Some people have brilliant ideas for their layouts. One man had a whole line of windmills and a fun fair going on. Another one had a ‘caravan of love ;)’ and even a gun fight in the bank. If I had a model railway I’d probably have a Magnum concert at it 😉

The rest of my photos from the exhibition and the traction engines are here.

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