Daffodil Day in Sligo

ImageToday was Daffodil Day in aid of the Irish Cancer Society. There were volunteer’s all around Sligo town selling daffodils.


Source Sligo were having a cookery demonstration and coffee morning with all the proceeds going towards Daffodil Day. So I went along to support them.


Eithne and Paula showed us how to make daffodils out of icing, which are really quite easy to do (although I didn’t do a great job on mine). They make it look easy though 🙂





This was my daffodil, it was put on the cake with lemon curd made at Source Sligo, the sharp taste from the lemon curd and the sweet icing went very well together. It was almost a shame to eat it.


Eithne also showed us how to make carrot cupcakes, which are a great idea and much quicker to cook than a loaf carrot cake. Eithne used cranberries instead of raisins but it worked really well. We got to try them fresh out of the oven and they were wonderful.


I really love Source Sligo, it’s a wonderful idea to have a cookery school, restaurant and wine bar all under one roof. It’s a lovely bright, airy building and the views are great. There are some great cookery classes available. Check out their Facebook page for more details.


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  1. Val, i saw your pictures earlier today of the daffodil cupcakes and loved them 🙂 What a lovely way to support Daffodil Day today.

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