The Model, Sligo

There is a festival celebrating the music film genre taking place at The Model, Sligo at the moment. They are showing lots of films including Walt Disney’s – The Jungle Book for the young and young at heart, Rory Gallagher’s Irish Tour and Bird on a Wire: Leonard Cohen. There are so many more besides that and all the information is on the website. The name of the festival is called Sound + Vision which I think is a great name for it.

I went to The Model this morning and saw a bit of the (sub) TEXT exhibit, which looks really interesting. I also saw ‘Ireland in the twentieth century’ which had some great paintings in it including some by Jack B Yeats. I got to see ‘The Tunnel by Omer Fast’, in my head I had been thinking this would involve tunnels….but I was very wrong. I was interested by one of the films although I didn’t get to see it all. It told of a pilot who was suffering post traumatic stress….or that’s what it seemed to be to me. I would have liked to see some more of the exhibition but I get freaked out by tv’s in very dark rooms when I’m on my own, especially with the wind howling and when I can hear sounds coming from the other tv in the other room…so I chickened out and left.

I liked the paper flowers in the centre, although there was no explanation about them. I presume they were for Craftfest Northwest.

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