A new dawn

I did a blog a couple of weeks ago about submitting a photo for ‘Mid-Life Slices’ which is a book celebrating  middle age in women. I have been stressing about what to submit. It was suggested I sent middle-aged women up mountains or take pics of them dancing etc. The people running the book suggested slices of fruit….but that’s their logo and I feel it’s already been done.

So I thought of a sunrise as in a ‘New Dawn’. Some people in middle age have had tragedies to deal with in their lives so the new dawn is to representing a new part of life beginning. For me I probably feel more comfortable with myself then I ever have and am starting to relax and enjoy life.

I was thinking of submitting the photo above….I only have a few days left to decide…so what do you think?

9 thoughts on “A new dawn

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  1. I would suggest using the photo in the post below this post! Just find the bottom left of this on a bit distracting! I love the sunset shot in the post below. It could be the sun setting on one part of life as easy as this is the sun rising on a new era!

    Just a thought but you have more experience in these matters as you are always being published and winning stuff!!


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