Mid-Life Slices – The Book

Today saw the launch of Mid-Life Slices the book. The launch took place at The Model, Sligo. It really is a wonderful book with submissions by women in 'mid-life'. There are poems and prose, art and photography. The Fun Company, Sligo were on hand to provide some music and they had everyone singing along. Marian... Continue Reading →

Mid-life Slices Book Launch

You might remember my blog post some months ago about submitting a photo for 'Mid-life Slices', well the book launch is on Saturday šŸ™‚ "Mid-Life Slices" is an anthology of writing and art celebratingĀ mid-life by women living in, or connected to,Ā Sligo, Leitrim and West Cavan in north-west Ireland.Ā It has been compiled and produced by a... Continue Reading →

A new dawn

I did a blog a couple of weeks ago about submitting a photo for 'Mid-Life Slices' which is a book celebratingĀ  middle age in women. I have been stressing about what to submit. It was suggested I sent middle-aged women up mountains or take pics of them dancing etc. The people running the book suggested... Continue Reading →

Mid-Life Slices

I have a dilemma. There is a great idea for a book called Mid-Life Slices. Here's a bit about it from the website: A group of women living in Counties Sligo and Leitrim, in north-west Ireland, has come together to compile an anthology of celebration and positive imaging in praise of women in mid-life -... Continue Reading →

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