The Mill, Ballisodare

When we first moved to Sligo there was a lovely old mill in Ballisodare. During the ‘celtic tiger’ years it was pulled down to make way for ‘luxury apartments’.

One of the most shocking things I’ve read this week is a blog about what these apartments are now like. It’s well worth a read. There is also a bit about the old mill as it was here. The Celtic Tiger is well and truly dead.

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  1. This is terrible. And I know that it is a situation you have all across Ireland.
    Surely there is someone, somewhere with the motivation and the wit to get something moving with these properties, so that instead of leaving the properties falling around your ears, the homeless and those who live in sub standard housing could benefit?
    It’s downright wicked!

  2. This is a very sad story! I remember the old mill so well from my childhood passing through on the way to Donegal. Modern day ruins are not as pleasing to the eye as the old stone ruins!

  3. I actually read the linked post by Lenny before seeing your post – and I thought what irony with juxtaposing the brochure blurb with the photos – it’s really a frightening sight. There are some half built houses around here where the teenagers hang out – and probably have a few cans – but there isn’t this level of abandonment. What’s the developer’s response to the derelict site notice that Lenny posted from Sligo CoCo? I’d never heard of this ghost block before. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Catherine xxxx

    1. No idea what the developers think. It should have been closed to the public months or years ago. As you say there are odd houses and half built ones left but I’ve never seen anything on this scale.

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