On Sunday we went to Dublin for the Taylor Swift concert. It’s not my kind of music but I went with Jono. Lucy and her friend had standing tickets. Jono and I were stuck at the arse end of nowhere so we couldn’t see most of the stage, hence the reason my photo’s of the concert are so bad. They are here anyway if you want a look.

We stayed in the Gibson hotel which is a lovely place. As we were going to check in we heard that Jedward were outside so I went flying down the escalator (like some kind of mad groupie) only to spot Edward going up the other escalator! I told him I was looking for him so he wanted until I went back up the escalator again! There was no sign on John although he probably wasn’t too far away.

The next morning we went and had breakfast in the hotel (which I have to say is fab). There was so much choice including salmon, salami, Stilton, fresh bread, fried breakfast, cereal and all kinds of fruit.

I went for the healthy option (to begin with anyway!)

As we were eating I noticed a familiar looking man at the table next to us. It turned out to be Shayne Ward. We waited until he had his breakfast and then went and said hello. He was with his family and they were all very friendly.

Just as we were finishing our breakfast we spotted Jedward going to have theirs. So we waited and met them after they had finished. They were at the Taylor Swift concert too and we saw them singing along.

Edward remembered us from the day before and was chatting away to Lucy.

It was a great couple of days, if you want to see a bit of video from the Taylor Swift concert it’s here. Ryan Sheridan was the support act and I thought he was really good. Although he only did about five songs. If you go onto my YouTube page you can see him in action.

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Photographer, blogger, hooked on social media. Based in Sligo, Ireland. Passionate about Ireland and always looking for the next adventure.

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  1. PigasusSY

    Crikey you’re one mad stalker woman!! the Magnum boys are going to wonder what the hell has hit them in Manchester… oh it’s going to be such a giggle!!!!! 😀

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