Schools out for Summer

Schools out for Summer, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

So school finished today for Lucy until September…..which means no more school runs 🙂

Happy days. Bring on the good times.

Well today was eventful. I did some gardening and got the grass cut (pretty boring but it needed doing).

I have been listening to Tony Fenton on Today FM all week and he has been giving away tickets to Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), for his show next year in the O2. Both Jono and Andy (and me) are big fans so as it’s Jono’s birthday on Friday and Andys next Wednesday I thought it would be great to try and get on air and win them.

So the cue to call came and I nervously phoned up and left my name and phone number. Blow me down but about 5 minutes later the phone went and it was Today fm…..well I screamed down the phone! Luckily I’d calmed down a bit by the time I got talking to Tony Fenton.

All I had to do was pick a song from the ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Roulette’. The first song was Thin Lizzy with Jailbreak, I like the band but not that song so I went onto the next song which was Bon Jovi Living on a prayer.

I also won some cd’s as well as the tickets……very exciting 😀

9 thoughts on “Schools out for Summer

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  1. You are so jammy!! You win loads – good on you – enjoy it all and birthday wishes to both boys on their respective birthdays.x
    I have another 7 weeks until mine break up for the summer – booooo.
    Will be expecting loads of photos and blogs – hehe. That’ll keep you busy.

  2. Well done! You are a worthy and deserving winner – I hope whoever has the tickets has a great time xx

  3. Superb! 😀 What a treat for the lads – hope you’ll be booking yourself & Lucy a ticket each closer to the time? x

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