The Round Tower

The Round Tower, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Well it’s been very quiet on my blog, not sure if anyone is reading it!

I got a letter through the post inviting me to Curleys furniture closing down sale which started yesterday. I took mum along for a look. We didn’t buy anything though.

What puzzles me is how they got my address as I’ve never been in the store before? I also get regular letters from another furniture store which again I’ve never been in. Any ideas?

Anyway the store was packed. I’ve never seen so many people in Collooney before.

10 thoughts on “The Round Tower

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      1. Have I never commented before? Strange. I drop by regularly.

        A Eurovision album??? Pleeeease not. Anything but that.

      2. That’s Ok I won’t hold it against you šŸ˜‰
        Actually dare I say it but this years Eurovision ain’t half bad….or maybe I’m getting old.

  1. dear god Val, you trying to get yourself thrown off the Magnum list with Eurovision comments like that???? Next birthday you’re getting a hearing aid and a bed jacket. xx

  2. I’m still reading and enjoying your blog but know what you mean – when no one comments on mine I feel like I am talking to myself šŸ™‚

    Re the furniture store – guess that comes from one of those very small print paragraphs which says our details may be shared with carefully chosen third parties? I’ve fallen foul of that too and get a lot of random junk mail.

  3. Course we’re reading it and looking at all the lovely photographs also. Its lovely to hear whats going on with you and yours. Keep it coming Val.x

  4. reading too! Love this photo – as always. Furniture Store Stalkers? Who knows, I think there are mysterious lists floating around which companies can buy up and cyber-stalk us, scary and disturbing. Paranoid moi?

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