My lovely horse

My lovely horse, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Well I have loads to tell you, but first last nights Eurovision…..well what did you think?

We had our own party….sad! We sang along to the songs and danced (to some of them). Now either I’m getting old or something because I didn’t find it too bad to watch last night. The voting was mad, everytime Germany got a vote Andy started singing last years winning song! I was so tempted to film them all being muppets but thought I better not.

Usually I feel like I’ve been watching it for a fortnight and although it’s a pain it’s something that has to be done, like going to the dentist.

Anyway dare I say it I actually enjoyed last nights show. Graham Norton is hilarious with all his little comments.

I was glad Germany won because it’s a really catchy song. I also wouldn’t have minded Turkey winnning: MaNga sound like a really good band, I will have to check them out. I am going to download both of these songs onto my ipod…..oh dear there really is no hope for me.

As we were watching I was on twitter and magicmum. Phil Jupitus made me laugh when he said Niamh Kavanagh looked like she’s been sponsored by Cadbury with her purple dress.

People are complaining that the UK and Ireland did so badly and blaming the voting tactics…..but would you buy either of those songs?

The UK were badly out of tune and it was an 80’s song which would have been OK in the 80’s but not now.

The Irish song was like one of those ballads from the 90’s and I’m guessing Niamh was put in because she won in 1993….but that was 17 years ago. I remember it well because I was in hospital waiting for Jono to put in an appearance.

Other countries put in young, trendy looking girls (wearing next to nothing) and Ireland put in Niamh.

Well what do you think? Was it better then other years? Or am I just sad?

Oh and by the way, the photo isn’t ‘my’ lovely horse. It’s just a reference to Father Ted’s Eurovision entry. I say this because someone did think it was my horse.

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  1. I haven’t watched it for a few years – mainly because its usually political and have rubbish acts! Last night I did watch it with my 3 children and we all enjoyed it – and yes I think its an age thing – my two boys were definitely interested in the girl acts!!!
    As for the UK and Ireland acts – I think its safe to say that neither countries want to host it in the near future!
    Hope Jono is keeping well.x

  2. I haven’t watched it in a very long time, but last night sitting on the couch having flown home from the States earlier in the day, it appeared as perfect jet lag fodder. I enjoyed watching and reading the tweets – definitely added to the enjoyment. Poor Niamh didn’t stand a chance against those other visions of youth and beauty, but she did a great job. The song just didn’t stand out from all the other entries – thought the standard was very high this year. My husband watching alongside me really liked MaNga, so I must tell him he can download it..never thought of that. Really liked the interval act too and wanted to do the flash mob dance 🙂

    1. Yes you are right Niamh didn’t stand a chance. I wonder who’ll we enter next year….Jedward maybe!
      I have downloaded MaNga, it’s a great song.
      I wonder can I download the flash mob dance too 😉

  3. Funny pic – your own Eurovision horse 🙂 It was great fun actually, though I thought Armenia would win. And sad to say I was sad that Lithuania didn’t make it past the semis 😦 Great shorts!

  4. I came home from watching the Magners rugby final in the pub, just in time (by sheer chance) to see Niamh singing.

    I agree with your kind criticism of the Irish entry when you say…

    “Other countries put in young, trendy looking girls (wearing next to nothing) and Ireland put in Niamh.”

    And yes, I agree with you that Graham Norton’s take on the show was what made it fun to watch.

  5. I used to watch the Eurovision as a child, but always thought it was uncool…. but for some strange reason, the last few years i have found myself watching it again, and even enjoying it!!
    I thought this year was very good… there were some really catchy songs there, and i have found myself singing parts of the winning song without even realising it! I think the best song won.

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