Share a dream

Yummy cakes, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Last night there was an evening in aid of Share a dream at the Clarion hotel in Sligo.

Share a dream is a charity that organises dreams for children who aren’t well. Last night it was the turn of a Sligo girl. She was picked up in a limo, taken to get her hair and make up done. Had a shopping spree, walked down the cat walk and spent the night in the hotel.

It was a lovely evening. There were these fab cakes from Once upon a time. Also there were singers: Tone cold sober and No half measures. Beat It dancers (who were amazing….I’d love to dance like they did….I’m too old though!), and a fashion show. It was all compared by Nikki Hayes who is a DJ with 2fm.

4 thoughts on “Share a dream

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  1. Hi Val
    those cakes look delicious!
    What a special event you attended, a lovely idea – it most be a pleasure to live in a community like that.
    As for the dancing – know how you feel – my brain says I can do it but my body doesn’t always agree!!x

  2. I have only just learned about Share A Dream, and may I say well done to everyone involved. I wrote a song about Dreams and its on my current album. Let me know if there is ever anything I can do.

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