Carrick on Shannon

Carrick on Shannon, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

It’s a bank holiday weekend here. My mum finds the weekends very long since dad died.

So today I took her and Jono to Carrick on Shannon. There are two markets there and a car boot sale. It was very cold though, so we didn’t hang around for long. Also there wasn’t an awful lot for sale.

When we got home Jono and I went for our ‘Couch to 5k’. I realised last night that we have been doing week two not week one……whoops. Oh well we’ll just go on to week three next week.

Then I got the grass cut. It took an hour and a half which isn’t two bad as there must be around half an acre of the stuff.

Andrea wrote another really lovely blog about my photos. It’s lovely to have a ‘fan’. I must say I was a bit cheesed off last night when someone sent me an email to say I had put up a photo of their relatives house on flickr and they weren’t happy about it.

I deleted the photo right away. It was a picture of a little thatched cottage, I didn’t say where the cottage was but I can understand why they wouldn’t want the house on flickr. After a few mails back and forth it turned out someone was trying to sell photos of the cottage and they thought I was doing the same.

I’ve never sold a photo, it’s just a hobby for me…..although after last night I did think is it worth it? Will I get people emailing me saying that’s my cat/dog/tree??

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  1. Val

    I’ve spoken to my husband (he’s a professional photographer) about your picture of the cottage.

    In a nutshell… you can’t copyright a view.

    Therefore, so long as you don’t trespass to get a picture or infer anything negative/untrue about it, then you are perfectly within your rights to publish any of your own photographs.

    I hope this helps!

  2. I’ve been thinking abou the couch to 5k with my daughter. Are you using the program from the internet? The plan I saw seemed fairly easy to follow.

  3. I always love your photos. My lodger sells photos online but it is very hard work and takes months to build up a decent portfolio. She sells on Shutterstock. Please keep taking them an sharing them wiht us. Best wishes Pam

  4. I was given the same advice as Steph has given you, so don’t fret Val, unless of course you’d broken half a dozen electric fences and thrown a brick at the CCTV cameras before getting the shot. ;D

    not that that advice helps you if you come over here and try to take a photo of a bus, or a train or a street or…….

  5. Hi Val
    Don’t let this flickr person put you off.
    Every so often you come up against people who really hack you off, because they are mean spirited, selfish, or just plain wierd. That’s life I’m afraid, and they are the people who lose out.
    You photos and comments give so much pleasure so please keep posting.

    1. Thank you Stella. She was actually very nice in the end and asked me to put the photo back up…..I’m not going to though.
      I will make me think twice in the future though.

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