Thank Donkey it’s Friday

Thank Donkey it’s Friday, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Regular readers to my blog will know I have a thing about donkeys 😉
I spotted two on my way home from Ballymote yesterday so I had to pull over and take some photos.

Today Lucy went to her friends house and we didn’t see her until tonight. She’ll probably sleep for a week now!

I had the parent teacher meeting today and it went very well. Most of the teachers are really pleased with her work. Just a couple that think she could do better and they are the subjects she doesn’t like (history and French). It’s a strange parent teacher meeting. All the teachers sit around two rooms and the parents sit in the middle. As soon as a teacher is free there is a mad dash for them…’s a bit like musical chairs.

I managed not to do my impression of Kevin and Perry and didn’t show myself up for once. I think this was mainly because I had a really bad migraine and just wanted to get home.

I had to laugh though because one of the other mums sat down beside me and said Mr. So and so is a bollix!! Luckily he wasn’t one of the teachers that I had to talk to.

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