Clowns praying for votes?

The above pic was one I took for the Sligo camera club competition. The subject was a picture in a picture….which taxed my brain no end! So this was one I took. I also entered a four seasons pic which is on flickr and one of the kids holding a photo of them when they were younger….which they have bribed me not to publish anywhere.

We have an election coming up in June…hence the posters everywhere. I really don’t like them and can’t see that they would encourage anyone to vote. Also in the high winds last week my car got hit by a low flying one! Bertie wasn’t a bit happy.

Yesterday was a good day. I met a friend from Ballymote and we went for coffee. I haven’t seen her in ages so it was nice to sit and relax and have a chat.

The yesterday evening was the camera club. My four seasons pic came second so I was really pleased as I don’t like ‘technical’ subjects.

We seem to be getting inundated with cats. Two black and white ones arrived today….I’m thinking of changing my name to Postman Pat by deed poll….it’s got quite a ring to it I think.

6 thoughts on “Clowns praying for votes?

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  1. Well done for your second place. The photo above is great – I hope it wins. It’s a hard subject – a picture in a picture – but you’ve answered it well. As for the cats – oh dear – maybe they’re the cats of the family that moved from your house and they’re copying your own cats in reverse…

  2. Of our parliament, Cyril Smith, a renown politician once said, “The House of Commons is the longest running farce in the West End.” My goodness how right he was.

    Once more a great photograph and well spotted!

  3. hey val…

    this blog is looking great…i enjoy reading once a week…
    have you been to the circus?…might go today, but it’s awful bad weather today…and evey other circus i have been too gets really mucky in wet weather…
    how’s the new house?…all settled?
    guess what?…i need glasses !!…next time you see me, please dont laugh :-)…it’ll be a couple of weeks before i have them.

    ok..thats it…enjoying this blog, keep it up.

    regards to andy and kids..


  4. Thanks for the comments.
    I haven’t been to a circus in years….I always end up freezing cold and feeling sorry for the animals.
    Don’t worry about the glasses Doug, I’m sure they look fine…and we love the new house, thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. LOVE this! Priceless…
    by the way. We are looking to buy a house in your county. Do you know of any? I can send you my wishlist via email…..just in case you know just the right one. Long shot I know but stranger things have happened. Best wishes…Pam

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