Love Cats

Love Cats, originally uploaded by magnum_lady (back online 🙂.

Well I’m feeling a lot better today, just left with a headache now. Yummy Mammy suggested I had swine flu, which had actually crossed my mind (who shouted hypochondriac!!!)

Another day of rushing around like a mad thing, I wonder if I will ever have time to relax. Jono had an appointment and before then I had to take mum to Ballymote….still it’s good to be so much in demand!

I had to sit through the soap awards last night and missed The Apprentice…..sob. We’ve only got one tv here at the moment (oh it’s a hard life) so I had to endure Peggy Mitchell’s praises being sang….I really don’t like Eastenders and her voice get’s on my wick.
Anyway the Eurovision song contest semi final is on tonight. We watched the first one on Tuesday, the acts I liked got nowhere and I have no idea what the presenters were on….they were mad. I miss old Terry Wogan doing the commentary though, I reckon they should get Harry Hill to do it. Ireland is taking part tonight, I really don’t think much of the entry but we’ll see what happens. I don’t like the UK one either……fussy aren’t I!

So todays photo is for a number of reasons, it’s Chicken and Yorkie and although it really does look like they love eachother and they do most of the time, but Yorkie has a habit of washing Chicken and then battering the hell out of her….nice cat. I entered this pic into the Sligo Weekender pet competition, it’s to win vouchers for the Connacht Gold store in Sligo. The pic was in the paper this week, so both cats are feeling very smug at the moment.

I didn’t get a chance to tell you that on the run up to the move Yorkie went missing. He was gone for two weeks. Andy went up to the old house last week and there is was….very weak and hardly able to make a noise. So I went and bought him to the new house. Thankfully he likes the place so I’m hoping his ‘catnav’ won’t take him off again…..he’s such a muppet.

3 thoughts on “Love Cats

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  1. did you win!! the photo is fabulous- the cats are so gorgeous!!
    what cuties 🙂
    hope you’re on the way to making a swift recovery

  2. Oh poor Yorkie – cats always do that!! How far is it from your old house?? I’v heard stories of cats travelling hunderds of miles to their old houses. Hope he’s not too disturbed! I miss Terry Wogan too – but apparently he was one of the reasons noone used to vote for us…because all the other countries thought he was taking the piss (which obviously he was)!! DOubt we’ll do any betetr this year though :-((

    Gorgeous photo – yes, did it win??


  3. Call me silly – I always forget you’re in Ireland!!! Only temporarily of course. Now I’ve come to my senses. I was talking about United Kingdom in Eurovision. Sorry Ireland’s out 😦

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