Happy Valentines Day

I got lots of lovely choccies…which probably isn’t a good thing because my waistband will be expanding…again

My back got slightly better last night, so I had a clear out of my wardrobe in anticipation of the Jumble sale I was going to today (I know how to live, don’t I!) So I decided to bite the bullet and get rid of the things that I can get into unless I’m on the floor, sucking everything in, by which time I’ve usually passed out with the effort….Then when I finally come around the clothes are so bloody tight I can’t stand up….but after going to all that trouble I didn’t get anything for myself my the jumble sale 😦

jumble sale

I was rooting through all the clothes….it wasn’t like an English sale where things were 20p….some of the trousers were 3 quid…..bloody expensive, anyway I was trying to get a look at some trousers when the springy clip thing that holds them onto the hanger shot off, flew across the room and almost took an old grannys eye out….needless to say I legged it pretty sharpish.

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