KoKo Latte

If you are looking for chocolate heaven, KoKo Latte is the place to visit. It's located in the Quayside shopping centre, Sligo and you will smell the delicious aroma of coffee before you set eyes on the shop. There are all kinds of goodies to be had and something to suit all pockets starting at... Continue Reading →

All you need is love

  All you need is love, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well I'm sure you don't need me to tell you it was Valentine's Day today. I always take my mum shopping on a Monday in Sligo and today was no exception. All was going well until I noticed a man outside the town hall having... Continue Reading →

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. I hope you all had a lovely day. It's my mums birthday tomorrow so we had her around for dinner today. I made her a cake and we gave her pressies, including a massive box of choccies....of course we had to quality control a couple 😉 Andy gave... Continue Reading →

Happy Valentines Day

I got lots of lovely choccies...which probably isn't a good thing because my waistband will be expanding...again My back got slightly better last night, so I had a clear out of my wardrobe in anticipation of the Jumble sale I was going to today (I know how to live, don't I!) So I decided to bite... Continue Reading →

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