Sunday Thoughts

Here we are again, another Sunday, and another dismal day. I hate these dark December days, and look forward to the days getting brighter and longer again.

We had Storm Barra midweek, to be honest I don’t usually pay an awful lot of heed to the storms they name. I usually find the unnamed ones are worse. They were right with Barra though, part of our fence fell down, landing on our little plastic shed and knocking it over. We lost power briefly, but we were lucky compared to the people who lost their power for days. A huge well done to all those clearing fallen trees and fixing ESB lines, they do great work and in awful conditions. I thought it was lovely of Jenny (From the Ground Up, Tubbercurry) who offered free tea and cake for those out working on restoring services etc. Such a lovely gesture.

There is another Yellow wind warning in place this afternoon, hopefully that won’t take the rest of the fence with it.

Anyway, enough of the weather.

I got my copy of The Book of Sligo yesterday. I was asked earlier this year if I would donate a couple of photos to the book so it was great to see them in it. Thanks to Vedran for his editing on the Gleniff image (featured at the top of this blog).

The Book of Sligo is an exciting and unique community-based arts initiative taking place in County Sligo in November and early December 2021. Produced by Blue Raincoat Theatre Company for Sligo Colmcille 2021, the project involves publication of a book celebrating interesting diverse facts and curiosities gathered from across Sligo’s 41 recognised civil parishes.”

You can find out more about The Book of Sligo on the link above. I’ve been inundated with people asking me to send them a copy and unfortunately I only have my own copy. It’s not for sale and is being distributed to every house in County Sligo. They are still delivering so if you haven’t got yours yet hold tight.

If you head to Sligo Folk Park between now and Christmas (and do it’s well worth a visit) you can see my art exhibition. I was delighted to be ask to have an exhibition in such a beautiful location – and have a hot chocolate too.

Ten of my paintings are on display, including the one above, and if I sell any I will give a donation to Wildlife West Rescue. Earlier this year they rescued an orphaned fox cub and named her after me, this was because I’d been selling paintings to raise funds for them. I was honoured to have an animal named after me and even more honoured when I was invited to release her back into the wild.

So there you have it. Another Sunday thoughts blog post and a round up of the week. Thanks so much for reading.

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