Well done Jono!

Well done Jono!, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. The Junior Cert. results came out today. So bright and early we went off to the school for Jono to get his results. He was delighted. He got A's in Maths and History and B's in English and Geography. Considering everything that has gone on over the last... Continue Reading →


, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well it's been a busy day one way or another. I took Lucy into town today. She needed a few bits for school. She goes back next Thursday. We got most of the things she needed. Then we had lunch in Pepper Alley which is a lovely place down by... Continue Reading →

Sunshine and shadows

Sunshine and shadows, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. It was a busy day today. I realised that I hadn't got anything for Lucy going back to school, I know she doesn't go back until September but I like to be organised. So anyway we went into Sligo this morning but we didn't get much. It was... Continue Reading →

Come on in, the doors open

Come on in, the doors open, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Lucy went back to school today, she thought she'd better go back as she has two weeks off for Easter. Jono doesn't have school on a Friday and he's still coughing so he was home. I went to see mum, when I arrived the glass... Continue Reading →

Mocking the mocks…

well I'm seriously in a bad mood today, and really this isn't like me at all. Jono had the first of his Junior cert. mocks today. He was to do one at school and the others at home. He has special needs and normally has a full time sna (special needs assistant). So today I... Continue Reading →

Thank crunchie its Friday

Well my headache finally went this morning. After about eight panadols and an early night (tablets not all taken at the same time!) It was sort of snowing this morning on the school run (although it might have been hailstones....I can never tell). I don't care what the weather does over the weekend because I... Continue Reading →

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