A quick catch up

I have another foodie blog to post but didn’t want to do two in a row so in between all that eating (and trying to make tomatoes red) we’ve been out and about trying to make the most of what’s left of the ‘summer’. I use the term summer lightly as its bloody freezing! The […]

Mullaghmore Heritage Walk

Yesterday I went along to explore Mullaghmore. Seatrails were holding a heritage walk so it was a brilliant opportunity for me to find out more about the area and to experience a Seatrails walk. I was in good company, along with award-winning travel writer Pól Ó Conghaile, Auriel from Seatrails, author and historian Joe McGowan […]

Seaweed is surprising!

Yesterday was all about seaweed. I happened to be in town and Voya were giving complimentary hand massages in Kate’s Kitchen. Voya is a wonderful range of organic beauty products based on hand-harvested seaweed. I love the smell of the products and the hand massage was wonderful, it’s the first time I’ve ever had one. […]

Surfing at Mullaghmore, Sligo

It was a busy day in Mullaghmore, Sligo today. Surfers from all over the world headed there to take on the huge waves. Mullaghmore is a really popular surfing destination and today what with Storm Christine battering parts of Ireland the waves were pretty special. I’m still using the Canon 1100D so all photos are […]

Rocks, beaches and a church

I had a magical mystery tour today. I was looking for Cliffony beach so I headed into Cliffony but all I could see was a sign for Mullaghmore…so I headed there, had a look at the sea and drove around looking for Cliffony beach. I failed to find it but I now have directions so […]


Tough to think of what C to go with today. I was at art class this morning so class was almost the C but there wasn’t a photo to go with it. I also found out I won a competition for flights from Ireland West Trad and although there was a photo I won with […]