Irelande Nil Points…

Well its almost Eurovision so the Late Late Show had six songs competing for the honour (?) of representing Ireland in this years Eurovision Song Contest. They really scrapped the bottom of the barrel picked the cream of the crop for the nation to choose from. It seemed to go on for hours. We had a judging panel of celebrities people including Linda Martin (who won the contest about 300 years ago), Marty Whelan (who is Irelands answer to Terry Wogan) and Jerry Springer (Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!) all supervised by Pat the plank Kenny. Anyway it was pretty woeful, my ears were bleeding half done through and I started to have a hot turn (which I’m convinced is the early menopause)….can I sue RTE do you think??? Where’s Dustin the Turkey when you need him.

Anyway the competition was won by a girl band, in very bad bright pink leggings, singing a song called Et Cetera (I thought they were singing ‘I’ve got a sweat on’)….it must have been to do with the bleeding ears.

Anyway today was a good day, I took the kids swimming and we went in the jacuzzi, sauna and steam room as well. Lucy and I did our version of Dancing on Ice in the water….Jono was Philip Schofield. It mainly consisted of Lucy trying to drown me. Then we all went into our rendition of Beyonce’s Single Ladies or whatever its called. Much to the horror of the ‘hairy Marys’ that were in the pool…there was a lot of hair going on there 😉 if you get my drift.

Due to the intensive exercise and the fact we were wasting away we then decided to visit KFC. Jono had a ‘Big Daddy Meal’…I don’t know where he puts it all.

When we got home I did a bit of gardening because it was a lovely day and Homebase had some reduced primroses 😀 Chicken the cat (I know daft name) decided to keep me company, she’s been in a fight and I think she’s got a bit of a look of Hitler about her…what do you think?

Chicken or Hitler?

4 thoughts on “Irelande Nil Points…

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  1. Wait till you hear the Dutch entry, you’ll be yelling for the Irish then! LOL
    The cat looks nice, hope it ‘s not going to raise its front paw

  2. Poor Chicken. I love your photos. They are so good. Also love your photos of Sligo. It’s great reading someone else writing about Sligo.

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