Learning to see

I’m taking observational drawing classes at the moment, it’s probably one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. Kiera, my teacher, tells me it’s all about learning to see. My problem is that I can’t see properly…I know that sounds strange but I can’t see straight lines, I can’t tell the perspective of things. Even when I take photos they are always wonky.

I’m pretty sure I have dyspraxia and my co-ordination is all over the place. Thankfully Kiera is very patient with me as I sit with my piece of paper grumbling. The rest of the class are brilliant and I’m there squinting one eye, squinting both eyes, closing both eyes and failing badly at trying to draw what I ‘see’.

I sort of managed to measure what I was drawing tonight, and I produced something that looked vaguely like the book I was trying to draw. I will keep practising, I love art and I love trying to find out what I can (and can’t) do. If you want to check out Kiera’s work you can find her here.

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  1. From your link, I am a lil concerned about your “teacher” who seems more like a graffiti artist or art therapist, drawing simple shapes and lines on rocks and rolls of paper like a lie detector. I see nothing “observational” or still-life-esque.

    It kinda sounds like you have a retina separation in both eyes. But, whatever it is, until you can figure out how to correct it, I guess you have special vision. And, maybe that means you make special art. Picasso had his periods. Other artists suffered from distortions of vision, too, which resulted in odd color mixing and yellowed paintings. So, just explore your unique limitations, as I think you just said.

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