Flying over Sligo

Blue Sligo

As I’ve had some quiet time over Christmas I finally got to edit the photos I’d taken back in June. I went on a flight over Sligo as part of my Wild Atlantic Wayfarer project.

Blowhole Raghly

It’s so amazing seeing Sligo from the air, it’s a stunning place anyway but it’s really something else looking down on it.

Inishmurray Island

We were blessed with a beautiful day – yes we did actually have a least one nice day in the summer! I much preferred flying over Inishmurray Island rather than the boat journey over to it!


One of the highlights was seeing the dolphins swimming just off Streedagh. We also went over the nudist beach (yes there is one!) I didn’t take any photos! We also seals at Ballisodare Bay and cows sunbathing at Dernish Island.

Drumcliff Church

I waved at W. B. Yeats as we flew over his grave. We also flew over the Isle of Innisfree, Beezie’s Island and more. It was very hard to choose the photos to put into this blog post but the rest of them are over on my Flickr page.

Sligo townThanks so much to Joe for organising the flight for me and for Look West and the Hawk’s Well Theatre for making the Wild Atlantic Wayfarer project possible.





















































































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  1. We live in such a beautiful county, in such a stunningly beautiful country. I’d love to go flying over Sligo one of these years…it’s on my bucket list. That, and surfing (something I have wanted and dreamed of doing since I was a very young kid).

    Beautiful photos, as always. 🙂

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