I’m right where I want to be

Well now here's a revelation. After my second counselling session and digging deep to find out the hows and whys of the way I behave the way I do and why the anxiety and depression hit me when it did I have come up with some answers - praise be! Firstly I've come to the... Continue Reading →

Blue Monday

Today was a wonderful day for me. I know it was Blue Monday and it was raining but it was wonderful. We had our coffee morning and so many people turned up, it was so lovely seeing people talking to each other and new connections being made. It's amazing how many of us are in... Continue Reading →

Happy December!

It's been a while since I've done a post about how I'm doing. I did record a video but for some reason the sound didn't work so I'll write instead. This time last year I was up to my armpits in boxes and bleach, getting ready to move and not thinking at all about Christmas.... Continue Reading →

I’m not alone

Earlier today there was going to be a pity party of a blog post. That's what not sleeping at night does. Following on from my post about 'Who am I?' at 2am my negative thoughts told me I was a loser....yes thanks for that. I finally got to sleep at around 5am and when I... Continue Reading →

I’m happy!

Today was the second social coffee morning in conjunction with Havin'ALaugh. One of the main things that I found recently is how isolated I felt and this impacted greatly on my mental health and well-being. I suppose the older I get the harder I find making friends especially if you aren't a church goer/ pub... Continue Reading →

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