Photo – Day 8

Chewbacca in Sligo. Part of the Cannonball Ireland Supercar Run in aid of Make a Wish. A load more photos over on the Sligo Secrets Facebook page

Cars and competitions

Well today was one of those days! I went out to Gilbert the car this morning and it was as dead as a doornail. Andy was asleep so I decided to grab the power pack we had for jump starting the car and I started it all by myself!! So there I was doing a... Continue Reading →

Car Insurance – A Rant

I've been driving since just before I turned 18. Passed my driving test first time. Haven't got any penalty points, drive a 9-year-old car. Don't do much mileage and never had a claim. So why is my car insurance so expensive? say comprehensive car insurance from ‚ā¨203. Who gets a quote this low? A... Continue Reading →

Off the rails and nuts ;)

Well Off the Rails on tour in Sligo was on TV last night. I went around to my friends house with Lucy and we watched it together as we were all in the audience. There was a lot of cringing going on. To be honest they didn't show a whole lot of Sligo. We were... Continue Reading →

What happened to Spring?

  Icy windscreen, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. This was my car windscreen this morning. After I did my Jedward (ice, ice baby)¬†impression I got to work with the can of de-icer and cleared it. Roll on summer I say, although I do like the feathery patterns. I had one of my photo's published in a... Continue Reading →

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