Valentine’s Weekend

It's my mum's birthday on Tuesday so we had her over for dinner today. I had a huge slab of beef that I won in the hamper and had been in the freezer, so I spent most of the day cooking. It actually felt like Christmas. The animals weren't impressed with my cooking and spent... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Lucy

Ouch, poor Lady Gaga, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Today is Lucy's birthday. She is feeling much better so we were able to go out today. My Aunt and Uncle are over from Spain. So they took us out to Bella Vista in Strandhill for lunch. It was nice, but very cramped. Also there were only... Continue Reading →

Sligo parades and parties.

Sligo Pride Parade, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. I am so behind on my blogs. I have so much to tell you, all about straw boys, concerts, parties and parades. My computer was out of action for a while and so was I to be honest. I had a really bad cold for almost a week.... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday to Jono

Happy Birthday to Jono, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well today was Jono's birthday. He got loads of pressies......and I had been trying to get some autographs for him. I didn't do very well though, but thankfully some of the magicmums helped me out. So a big envelope arrived with autographs from 2fm and RTE and... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday to me!

Cake anyone?, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well it's my birthday today......42 and I still feel like I'm seventeen, shame I don't look it. I had a lovely day. This morning was Andys trip to the hospital for his INR test so I went in with him. This afternoon we all went out. First we went... Continue Reading →

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