Segs in the City

Well I have so much to tell you about our time so far in San Francisco but this post is all about my morning with the Electric Tour Company - Segway Tours San Francisco. They run various tours throughout San Francisco and I opted to explore the Golden Gate Park. I was up bright and... Continue Reading →

From Sligo to San Francisco

  Well it's 4am here in San Francisco but we are both awake - it's 12 noon in Sligo. We arrived safe and sound and can't begin to tell you how excited we both are. So as you know we took the bus from Sligo to Dublin Airport where we were greeted by a shuttle... Continue Reading →

Join us on Jono’s Journey

Well the time has almost arrived for Jono and I to head over to San Francisco for Jono to take part in the Pokemon World Championships. This has been Jono's dream for as long as I can remember and thanks to so many wonderful people it's become a reality. You can read the full back... Continue Reading →

Jono is featured in The Irish News!

If you have been reading the blog recently you'll know that Jono is heading to San Francisco. The Irish News in Belfast got in contact to write a story about how successful the gofundme campaign has been. It's a brilliant article, so thanks to Joanne from The Irish News for such a good job. You... Continue Reading →

Dreams do come true

It's hard to believe that it's less than three weeks ago since I put out an appeal for help with Jono's Journey. Jono has suffered from poor health for much of his life. The one thing that has kept Jono sane through the long days of pain is Pokemon. Since he was given a GameBoy... Continue Reading →

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