Segs in the City

Golden Gate Park

Well I have so much to tell you about our time so far in San Francisco but this post is all about my morning with the Electric Tour Company – Segway Tours San Francisco.

They run various tours throughout San Francisco and I opted to explore the Golden Gate Park. I was up bright and early and I headed off to the park. It’s absolutely stunning there and I’m hoping to go back again to see more. I saw two squirrels, a hawk and a hummingbird…no photos of them unfortunately.

Golden Gate Park

Jeff was our tour guide for the segway tour. I’ve never been on one before and I was a bit scared at the beginning but Jeff explained to us how to work them…they are really easy. I thought they had a throttle and a brake on the handle bars – but no you control the speed but shifting your weight from the front or back of your feet, in the end I had the hang of it…now I want a segway!

Me on a segway

I found the tour fascinating. Jeff told us the history of the park, in the 1800’s it was just sand dunes!¬†John McLaren, who was from Edinburgh, was one of the men in charge of designing the park. He ended up running the place for 70 years. He was in the park every single day of his life, in fact he passed away there when he was 93. There is now a statue in his memory, although seemingly he didn’t like statues so I’m not sure what he’d think about it.

The park¬†includes the Japanese Tea Garden, the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, the de Young Museum, the AIDS Memorial Grove, Stow Lake and the Academy of Sciences. When I was there this morning there were lots of people exercising there and even a Tai Chi class going on. We made our way around the park on our segways and had a wonderful time, it’s a brilliant way to see the place.

I’d really recommend a segway tour if you are coming to San Francisco. Thank you to the Electric Tour Company for having me along and for the San Francisco Travel for passing on their details to me.

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